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Duet - where you at?

With three days left in December, I have to ask - anyone seen Duet?!

- Chip


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    Duet - Version 3 Firmware and Studio 2.3


    I have not heard anything regarding Duet (either firmware version 3 or Studio 2.3) although I saw another post that suggested January was a more likely release date. I did see that a 'Cafe Duet' training class entry was added to the AMX Training section for the Dallas site but there is not a schedule posted for it.

    The Duet Training Prerequisite test has once again been posted on the training web site but I have not tried to take the test yet. The training class might be invitation-only with an invitation being issued via email if and when you pass the Java prerequisite test. Pure speculation on my part though.

    Has anyone taken the prereq test yet?

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