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Optima control over IP

HARMAN_m_hodelHARMAN_m_hodel Professional Services GroupPosts: 11
Is it possible to use an NI-4100 to control the Optima series using TCP/IP and the ethernet port on the Optima? The Duet module states that it is specifically for the serial port. I see in the manual that there is an APWeb expansion board, but this seems to be a TCP/IP to serial bridge.

Any help would be appreciated.



  • mritzmritz Junior Member Posts: 22
    As it is written in the Optima installation & setup manual, it seems that it is possible to control it using two types of communication protocols: First, normal serial control over RS232 - this is only done via serial ports. Second, it is possible to use the X(n)-Net protocol - and this is possible over all ports (ethernet, serial). You can see also chapter 5 - attaching an external controller - in the manual. I am not familiar with X(n)-Net, but maybe you can find more info on the cd-rom, because in the manual there is written:

    Note: The AutoPatch Software and Documentation CD includes an
    interface library, the XNNet Communication Library, with programming
    examples for programmers who want to set up their own control

    Maybe this helps,


  • HARMAN_m_hodelHARMAN_m_hodel Professional Services Group Posts: 11
    thanks for the help- it looks like we're going to go with outsourced IP to 232 converters.
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