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NI-700 & NI 900 Discontinued?

If you look at the new online AMX-PI page ( http://www.amx.com/techdocs/HelpFiles/AMX-ProductInformation/Public-FlashHelp/AMX_Product_Information_(AMX-PI).htm#Welcome_to_AMX-PI.htm ) and go to the 'Changes' link you'll see what appears to be the discontinuation of the NI-700 and NI-900 controllers. Now unless AMX plans on coming out with new NI-710's or the like, the NI-2100 would soon become the new low end. At roughly 80% more than a 700 cost-wise not to mention the extra size sometimes a 2100 is just not needed: power, price or size-wise. In a small media center or single room and/or with me controlling more and more IP controllable devices a 700 or 900 is completely sufficient.

So, IF it is true and AMX plans on just wiping out the low-end of their controllers for no good reason I urge them to reconsider as there are many reasons to keep them around. If they are coming out with a replacement for both, I'd recommend something with the (2) rs-232 ports of the 700 and (3) IR ports of the 900 with the same form factor and 'brains'... now, that would be just about right IMHO.



  • jjamesjjames Posts: 2,908
    Interesting indeed. I think part of the problem with the small processors is that you can't expand very easily. Once you're out of com ports or IR . . . you're looking at another processor or some COM2 / IRS4 cards, and you could get to the price tag of an NI-2100 or an NI-3100 in a hurry that route, not to mention all the headache of the labor. I don't think I've ever used an NI-700 / 900, and it's probably for that reason.

    Just my two cents. Though it will be interesting to hear their reason.
  • ericmedleyericmedley Posts: 4,177
    We bought a lot of NI700s because they were perfect for small TV/Processor/Cable or Sat type rooms. All you had to do to get control to that room was get a CAT5 there and you're done. That'd be too bad if they discontinued it or somethign like it.
  • mpullinmpullin Posts: 949
    ericmedley wrote: »
    We bought a lot of NI700s
    Looks like you're sitting on a gold mine.
  • viningvining Posts: 4,368
    I would think they'll just be replaced with a newer version since they fill a niche that otherwise would be empty. With more an more IP controlled devices it's the larger units that may become obsolete, not likely but.... As far as expanabilty I often use port severs instead anyway for RS-232 controled devices. One IP connection and any numbers of RS-232/485 connections from a single box. Getting more IR ouputs is where you run into problems but since you can get inexpensive DVD and CD players w/ RS-232 I find the only thing I need IR for is the Cable box.
  • annuelloannuello Posts: 294
    We put many many many NI-700s into classrooms. All we have is a data projector to control via a keypad, one IR device, and RMS functionality for the room. Around half of our rooms also control a digitising device via IP. The NI-700 fits the bill perfectly. If AMX do not release a "NI-710" I will seriously have to scream loud! We can not afford the NI-2100 prices given the number of rooms we are looking to expand AMX to.

    As for expandability, for those that need it you can always add another master and use M2M. It is always better to spec the right master in the first place, but there are many situations (like our simple classrooms) where we really have no need to expand the system beyond a basic install.

    If AMX _are_ making a NI-710, it would be great to see the two relay spaces on the board utilised. That is really the only short-coming for the NI-700.

    If there is a replacement in development, can someone (officially or unofficially) please let us know. Year-long budget planning does not work well with the AMX 90-day announcement policy. We may be forced to drop AMX in classrooms if there is not an equivalent. If there is a replacement in the pipe-line, the polite thing to do would be to keep the NI-700 current (not discontinued) until the "NI-710" is available or at least 90 days away from release.

    Now I have to waste a heap of time redesigning our schematics, changing tender documents (which have already been released), working on an entirely new code base for a new platform, integrate the new platform with an AMX master (acting as a bridge for RMS support), and explain to my bosses why I recommended going with AMX in the first place. You can see why I am upset, particularly if at the end of all this a "NI-710" appears which would have saved me weeks of work. However, on the information that I am given, I have no other choice.

    Oh, and the Novara range of control pads (which I've seen at a recent road show) are NOT something I would consider. They do not appear to give any where near the same amount of flexibility as a NI master.

    Yours extremely frustrated (steam coming out my ears!),
    Roger McLean
    ACE Certified Programmer
    Swinburne University
  • I can understand the potential for confusion, but rest assured that the NI-700 and NI-900 are NOT being discontinued. We're in the process of transitioning to larger amounts of RAM and FLASH in these two units which forced us to change the part numbers (the model numbers remain unchanged). The current (soon to be old) part numbers are being discontinued so that the new part numbers can be put in place.

    When the transition occurs, pending orders for the current part numbers will automatically be changed to the new part numbers. The product web pages will be updated with the new information when the new parts become available. Our goal is to make the transition as transparent and painless as possible.

    Jeff Burch
    AMX Product Manger for NetLinx Masters
  • annuelloannuello Posts: 294
    Gday Jeff,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! My heart rate & blood pressure are both coming back to normal levels, and should be stable by the end of the day! :)

    Roger McLean
    ACE Certified Programmer
    Swinburne University
  • Jimweir192Jimweir192 Posts: 502
    Jeff, please please add an ICSNet or Hub port to the NI700 & NI900, that would really bring them into play for distributed control.
  • ericmedleyericmedley Posts: 4,177
    mpullin wrote: »
    Looks like you're sitting on a gold mine.

    we bought them and installed them. We don't have a secret hoard. too bad for us. :D
  • Spire_JeffSpire_Jeff Posts: 1,917
    Just send a bill to the clients that have them and tell them that because they are in demand, you have to retroactively bill them for the privilege of owning the processors. You could also be nice and offer them terms before you start threatening to disable the processors. :P


  • annuelloannuello Posts: 294
    Jimweir192 wrote: »
    Jeff, please please add an ICSNet or Hub port to the NI700 & NI900, that would really bring them into play for distributed control.

    I must admit, I've never used ICSNet in my installs, and wasn't sorry to see them become optional on the NI-X100 range. Perhaps someone could set up a poll to see how popular it is. I don't know how you would physically squeeze one onto a NI-700. Would an Ethernet-to-ICSNet device be a suitable alternative? It could then be installed only where needed.

    Roger McLean
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