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POWER ON TV Sharp in RS 232

R?my] 10:47 am: I find how to POWER ON TV Sharp in RS 232, i test it and it work everytime.
[R?my] 10:49 am: -First you have to power ON the TV Manualy, after oyu have to send: SEND_STRING dvTv,"'RSPW1 ',13" //--Power ON TV
[R?my] 10:50 am: after close the tv with: SEND_STRING dvTv,"'POWR0 ',13" //--Power OFF TV SHARP
[R?my] 10:51 am: and now you are ready to power ON your TV with: SEND_STRING dvTv,"'POWR1 ',13" //--Power ON TV SHARP


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    mpullinmpullin Posts: 949
    Thanks for sharing with us. This is a known solution though, please use our super forum search tools next time before making a thread. :D
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