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"Play Track" bug?

I didn't find anything searching the forums, but using the latest AMX module and UI, when I browse music and select "play track" nothing plays. At first I thought it was my UI since I copied the buttons into my own module, but downloading the UI from the AMX site gives me the same results. I have not played in the actual MAX code and really don't want to learn it! Has anyone found and fixed this bug?




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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    Sometimes this happens when there is a problem with the media itself. There could be a lot of reasons for it, I'm afraid.

    In one case, I had several servers linked together, but the file system from server 3 wasn't mounting on the main server Though all it's media was indexed and could be browsed, none of it actually played. In another case, I had a ripping glitch that caused the tracks to be indexed at zero length - it was all there, but when the MAX saw zero in the length field, it just didn't play it. That one was most annoying since I simply wasn't looking at the track length fields. In yet another case, I had imported some WAV files that again acted like everything was fine, but just wouldn't play (and I found out later that the WAV import feature was broken).

    The bottom line is you have to call tech support when you are on site and connect the server to them so they can check it out. The "Play track" feature itself is fine, something else is going on.
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    TrikinCurtTrikinCurt Posts: 158
    Turns out it was the wrong channel code on that page of the UI, easy enough fix once I dug around a bit. In other news, I installed the latest firmware update that is rumored to make the MAX stable, cross your fingers!
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