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NI Problems with Datestamp on File stored

hi together.

a strange problem i have with my NI-3000.(diff. firmwares)

i wrote a code that write some information on my NI-3000 ftp server in a file.
the problem is sometime the datestamp of the file has the year 2004 another has the datestamp 2005.

i found this:

when i write the file on the ftp server on the 10 January 2005 10:18, the file has the correct datestamp.
when i try one minute later (10:19) the datestamp has 2004!

Please try it out, strange.

there are some other combination of time/date that will not work and other does work!

Does anyone found the same problem or can help me with a solution?



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    this is a windows problem.

    not a netlink problem.

    try it on other ftp servers and you'll see what i mean, i've been watching this bug for years and no one has fixed it.

    it you try using another ftp client you will get the correct date.

    PS, i haven't found how to get the date stamp from a file within in netlinx code. (non-ftp). if anyone has a solution i'd like to hear it.

    in the meantime, i actually make the first line of my text files the date line, and keep track that way when i need to.
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