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RCA DirecTV via Serial Control

TurnipTruckTurnipTruck Junior MemberPosts: 1,485

Has anyone had any luck controlling RCA DirecTV receivers serially? I have come across a fwe web sites with protocol, but they seem to offer conflicting information.

I am looking for any protocol information that anyone may have.



  • Kaptain KaosKaptain Kaos AMX Southeast Posts: 42
    RCA DirecTV via Serial Control

    Yes, I have done this several times. It works great.

    This site has the best info and links

  • Danny CampbellDanny Campbell Senior Member Posts: 311
    I have written a module for a RCA DSS receiver. It is not in the AMX standard format, but it does work. I've included the source and documentation files so you can either use it as-is or can cut and paste whatever you need from it. The documentation assumes that you are using the NXI master with the phoenix connectors. I do have this code running on 14 different systems so it has been tested and works.

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