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Studio 2.7 Patch is up



  • Yes, I have forwarded your request to Product Verification. If you participate in the beta program, you will have the opportunity to directly provide feedback and verify that problems you are having in 2.7 do not exist in the new version.
    Thank you,
  • yuriyuri Posts: 861
    Kenny wrote: »
    While your in final test can you check what is causing newly created variables to show in the autocomplete 4 or more times. This happens until the file is saved.

    very annoying "feature"
  • KennyKenny Posts: 209
    Doug, thanks for the opportunity to test the sw.
    I'll get with Dan later this week.
    Am I the only one having flash backs? :)
  • jjamesjjames Posts: 2,908
    Kenny wrote: »
    Am I the only one having flash backs? :)

    Please don't say a flashback to the Panja days. I was lucky enough to enter the industry after Panja, but I heard it was . . . . bad? :P
  • KennyKenny Posts: 209
    Oh no I wasn't refering to the Panja days at all.
    I used to test AMX products in the Product Verification dept with dconde.
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