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I'm using CodeCrafter (v3.1.0.15) to create a basic RMSMain.axi, in which I have a virtual device tracking the state of the real device. I use a channel on the virtual to indicate whether the comms link is up to the real device.

When CC generates the code, it appears to set both the slMin & slMax values to '0' in RMSRegisterDeviceNumberParam(). Is this the correct way to use the RMSRegisterDeviceNumberParam() function, or should slMin = 0 and slMax = 1? Referring to the RMSProgrammerGuide.pdf, I would expect that CC should be setting slMax to 1, not 0.

FWIW, I used CC to create my initial RMSMain.axi, but only used it as a starting point. I've heavily modified the RMSMain.axi file, so I don't use CC to make any further modifications to it.

Roger McLean
Swinburne University


  • dunnpdunnp Posts: 12
    Hi Roger.
    I user to create the RMSblah.axi file the same way, but lately have been simply modifying files I treat as 'templates'. Most uni setups are fairly similar.

    Every file I've created & used has the same slMin & slMax values of 0 and 0. I just tried one using CC3.1.0 & it's the same as the original CC1.x.

    The AMX doco states 'slMin and slMax are used to limit the administrator's selection of threshold & reset values'. Further on it says 'note that values of slMin and slMax supplied during parameter registration are not used to validate the value set using these functions'

    In a nutshell they don't really have much effect on functionality. It's the trigger setup that counts.

    So monitoring the state on a channel on a virtual device should work fine regardless of the '0,0' values.

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