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Hello everyone. Did anybady had a problem with audio line-out on MAX-AVM? The thing is: output volume is VERY low. I have an installation where there's two AVMs are connected to recievers via coaxial - no problems with these two. And there's several AVMs, which are connected to Russound multiroom (couldn't do anything with that - multirom system was already installed) via line out on AVM. So, output level from AVMs is really low (comparing to other sources). Even if you put the volume to the highest level, sound is very quiet. I do belive AVM to be a PC and I do belive there's possibslity to increase volume on output (like it's could be done on any normal PC). Is there any way to do that?


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    Hi, amx has a document that explain how to get in to the configuration of each avm to change the settings of volumen level, bass, .....

    I'm not sure but I think these are the steps:

    get the shell of the Winmax
    type telnet
    user root
    pass mozart
    type alsamixer
    use the arrows to change the levels
    to exit alsactl
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    Will give it a try, thanks a lot...
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