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List of DVR events on touchpanel?

fluid-druidfluid-druid Junior MemberPosts: 3
I think this is my first post...so forgive if I'm in wrong forum... or breaking any other forum rules....

We use panasonic DVRs for security cams.

I'm not the AMX programmer, but I'm curious to know if it possible to call up events on this (or any DVR) by time or event number?

I'd like to display a list of recent "doorbell" events on the touchpanel(s).... so the owner can see how many times the doorbell was rung while they were away.
That should be pretty easy in AMX alone.

But, ideally I'd like to offer the ability to view the corresponding video that was recorded by the door cam for each doorbell event.

Assuming the camera/DVR is only recording when there is motion (or when triggered by the doorbell), it seems that I should be able to call up individual video events by time/day.... or by an event number of some kind.

Not sure if this exists in the control protocol for the Panasonic DVRs (which we use) .. or any for that matter. Any one done this or know if (and how) it is possible?



  • yuriyuri Junior Member Posts: 861
    you can keep a struct with information about the doorbell event.
    When someone presses the doorbell while nobody is at home, get the current time, and record the video.

    I don't know how this DVR works, but most of the time you can recall video by timestamp. Use the info you collected in the struct to recall a particular video :)
  • ericmedleyericmedley Senior Member - 4000+ posts Posts: 4,177
    I'm not sure of the Panasonics capabilities for this, but perhaps you could try something like...

    Have the camera store a still image on a motion sense at the door. Point the still image store at the FTP server on the netlinx master. Then call up the image from the ftp on the Netlinx master to the touch panel.

    just a thought.
  • fluid-druidfluid-druid Junior Member Posts: 3
    thanks for the ideas... i need to find out more about the protocol of the Panny obviously.
  • ccoburnccoburn Junior Member Posts: 11
    Did you ever find out about the Panasonic protocol for the DVR?

    Next week I am quoting a system that proposes to use a Panasonic WJ-HD309 and I would like to be able to recall date/times also.

    I know the DVR is capable of doing it, and I assume the protocol has a way to do it, but I haven't researched it yet.

    -Charlie Coburn
  • DHawthorneDHawthorne Old Timer Posts: 4,584
    I haven't used their DVR's, but the network cameras are all web based and use HTTP. I had to take apart the web page interface by viewing the source and do some packet sniffing to come up with a way to control them. If your DVR has a web interface, it's likely you'll need to do something along the same lines.

    I don't usually try to do much with DVR's and an AMX ... I have my customers use the native interface for reviewing recorded video. There are simply too many options and possibilities to condense to a touch panel screen. You can't usually even use "Computer Control" because they incorporate scripting, Flash, and/or ActiveX.
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