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AVP HDMI output

Hi all,
do you have any problems with the AVPs HDMI output ? We have some of them which can not "lock" on many screens - for example Pioneer Plasmas. We set up them to have an "auto" HDMI output format. After reseting them, they provide a video output on 480p and then....nothing, black screen!!!!
The AVPs have the latest firmware and we have already made all the video combinations from the setup menu.
If we connect it with an other video output - for example composite - everything work fine.
Any ideas?



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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    Without any doubt, it's an HDCP issue. If the monitor is not fully HDCP compliant, or you are passing through a switcher, the AVP will lose the handshake and not display. You might want to call Gefen on this, I think their DVI detective product might lock it in for you (http://www.gefen.com/kvm/product.jsp?prod_id=4715) but I haven't used it for anything but PC's, so I can't be certain of this.
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