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TPD4 2.9 Resource Manger?

viningvining X MemberPosts: 4,368
I seem to be having problems with my image files and I'm not sure what's the cause. I first noticed it when I scaled a TP file from CV-12 to a CV-17 I had a problem with distorted images which is understandable. I had one animation of the world which was basically just the earth spinning which probably started life as a gif. Since the images were now football shapes I deleted them I copied the images from my CV-12 files and placed them in the CV-17 files. I transferred to the TP and all was well. Then a couple days later they were strecthed again. So I deleted the files and replaced them w/ gould pics but this time removed all user pages form the TP and did a full file transfer. This again worked fine for a few days and then the strecthed images were back. This time I deleted them and added the new pics and renamed them and then changed the file names on the buttons and so far they've stuck.

Today I wanted to changed some old weather icons for new ones and I would delete the images in resource manage and import the new images with the sme file name. Scroll through the thumbnails and the old icons were back. Tried again a couple of times and every time they would return. I then tried to delete the icons and then close the resource manager and then re-open to make sure they were still gone and sure enough they were. This was taking to long so I found it simpler to rename the pics I wanted to replace and then import the replacements. This seemed to work and then when I was done importing I deleted the re-named files. Saved and did a full transfer (did not clear users pages). I came back from lunch and from what I can tell the images on the TP are the new ones but when I opened TPD4 and opened the resource manager those darn renamed and deleted icons were back again. So what's up?

Is this a cache problem from where TPD4 store files for transfer in a temporary folder?
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