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AXT-CP Image Quality


I have a customer that has six AXT-CP's in their business. All of them are running G3 firmware. The image quality on the panels are all various levels of blah. They have far less overall contrast and brightness than a newer AXT-CA10 that is also in the facility. I suspect this may be from age, but I was not into this when the AXT-CPs were new. The saleman solution to the problem would be to upgrade all of the panels to something new. However, I was wondering if they could be improved with new LCD panels or some other repair. The fuctionality of the panels in the system is fine. An upgrade to Modero would only improve the visual.

Thank you for any suggestions.


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    It is a fact that passive LCDs (like the ones used in the AXT-CPs) do not look as good as active LCDs (like the ones used in the CA10s and Modero panels). It is due to the technology of how the displays work, and the cost of producing those technologies.

    LCD displays are not interchangeable. The electronics that drive them are usually specifically designed for a particular display model.
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    TurnipTruckTurnipTruck Posts: 1,485
    Is it possible that the panel's image quality has faded over time? If so, could the LCD panel be replaced for an improved image?

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    Possible, but not likely. Backlights can fade. Backlight bulbs do have a rated life, usually around 10k hours (from meory, don;t hold me to it.) LCDs, no. IMHO their quality does not diminsh with age...
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