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DMS Keypad connection

Hi everybody

I'm confusing about configuration/connection about DMS keypad. It's the first time as I'm working with this keypad. In the DMS manual, it's indicate to configure connection on network with static or dynamic ip address. But If I'm connecting the MDS keypad on ICSnet line, why I have to configure IP address?

i.e. If my network as IP address similar as and my DMS keypad is connected on Icsnet line, wich type of IP address I have to configure?


  • viningvining Posts: 4,368
    Are you using the older PLK DMS? If so that works on the ICSNET which means you need the older DMS install procedure but the newer DMS keypads are indeed ethernet based.
  • DenisDenis Posts: 163
    Tanks Vining

    Last question about this topic, Concerning the power, the router on the actual market, (Dlink or Linksys) give the power needed by DMS keypad or it is necessary to use external power supply?
  • viningvining Posts: 4,368
    It's not likely your DLink of Linksys provides the Power Over Ethernet needed. If they don't you can by a Linksys (or other) POE injector or if you have the ability to still run wires you can run another wire to provide 12vdc directly to the device. With the DMS keypad both options arer available.
  • DenisDenis Posts: 163
    Thanks Vining!
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