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No good! I called with problems about the TPD4, and the tech support guy I was talking to told me that the newest TPD4 would be coming out that day! Well that was a lie because that was early this month. Unless it was only released to the elite AMX'ers.

TPD4 continues to crash for no reason. I try to open a page (or a pop-up) to edit now, and woof!, it [TPD4] completely vanishes. I also hate how the I get errors saying that it cannot write to the preview folder, and of course I can no longer update panels. So keeping SEVERAL back-ups Not to mention that creating a template is a thing of the past.

I am getting EXTREMELY irritated with this software, and it's been completely useless this entire month.

So with all that said, when can we expect a better version of TPD4?


  • Are you trying to open an existing project or starting one from scratch? The existing file may be corrupt and cause all kinds of problems.
    Have you tried installing TPD4 on a different PC? Also what are the hardware specifications (P4 3GHz, 512Mb RAM, available harddrive space, etc.) and OS are you running (XP, 98SE, ME)?
  • jjamesjjames Posts: 2,906
    80GB HD, 1GB RAM, XP Home, 3.0GHz - recently reformatted.

    I just reinstalled TPD4 and I now am able to edit the file. Regardless of how I fixed it, I feel I shouldn't have to.

    I know that no software is perfect, but in an industry like this, my opinion is that there is no room for error in the software that is provided to us. I have had issues with Vantage software at more critical times, and have always felt this way.

    Overall AMX's software has worked great for me, but it's times like these that really get to me.

    So has anyone else had any issues with TDP4 or am I the lone-ranger that has bad luck with software?
  • No you're not the only one with software issues. On my machines (4 of them) the G3 Webcontrol will not work on either machine since I use Norton's Internet Security (most machines travel into the world) - It works before NIS is installed, does not aftwards - no other changes. Even totally disabling the Firewall, Virus Scanner, etc. will not bring that functionality back. AMX tech support has not been able to assist me with this one.

    Also the Meeting Manager install will continue to hang on PC4.

    PC1: P3 - 800MHz - 320Mb RAM - 80Gb HD, XP-Pro,
    PC2: P3 - 1.2GHz - 192Mb RAM - 40Gb HD, XP Home
    PC3: P4HT - 3GHz - 512Mb RAM - 80Gb HD, XP Pro,
    PC4: Pentium M - 1.5 GHz - 512Mb RAM - 40Gb HD, XP Pro
  • jjamesjjames Posts: 2,906
    WOW - if it's not one program, it's another - now NetLinx is enjoying the crashing spree that TPD4 was on. I have never had this many problems with ANY programming software.
  • maxifoxmaxifox Posts: 209
    First, what is written in Error Application event logs on that?

    You may also try to use Application Verifier from MS:

  • DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    I've installed TPD4 on 4-5 machines, and not had any of these problems, so I don't think it's exactly fair to call the software inherently bad. I think waht you have described, though unfortunate and certainly in need of addressing, is not in the least widespread. Ditto for NetLinx studio - never had a problem with it. I suspect there is something else on your machines that is not getting along well, and the re-installation solution tends to confirm that.

    Oh, and mediapilot - G3 web control has nothing at all to do with TPD4. That's a TPD3 paradign, and it has always been wonky. I think your solution will be to open port 10500 on your firewall, as well as 80 (forwarded, of course, to your master).
  • maxifoxmaxifox Posts: 209
    Agree with DHawthorne, most likely that is something related with your environment, not with TPD4 or NetLinx Studio...

    May I suggest to review the apps/processes you are running?Some "aggressive" memory access program such as virus protectors, and virus/spyware themselves (make sure you do not have any virus/spyware on the machine).
  • jjamesjjames Posts: 2,906
    I've got Norton Firewall and Anti-Virus. Netlinx and TPD4 come in taking more memory than both of them (Norton's products) combined. If these programs (NLX & TPD) cannot work while other programs are running, that's not my fault. Computers (and programs) should work around you, not the other way around.

    I do admit to running my computer to the max, and most other programs just respond slowly, and don't crash.

    Regardless, I hope that the stability of these programs are improved in their next release. Speaking of - does anyone know when that will be?
  • maxifoxmaxifox Posts: 209
    jjames, sorry for confusion, I meant aggressive behaviour in terms of memory access (violation), not memory load...

    Meanwhile, can you disable (on service level) the virus protectors or - better - install TPD4 on another computer that is not running anti-vuris software?
  • jjamesjjames Posts: 2,906
    Honestly, I don 't think that's the problem. As I was having these issues before I installed the Norton software.

    BTW - how ironic, TDP4 just crashed and corrupted my files.

    Anyways, my initial purpose was to get an answer from an AMX employee about when the new versions will be relased, as tech support has no clue, and told me it was going to be released THE DAY I SPOKE WITH HIM!
  • TPD4 & Studio Future Releases


    First, I am not an AMX employee (I am an AMX dealer) and while many AMX employees monitor the forums and some participate, rarely if ever do they comment on impending software release dates.

    Now, with the disclaimer out of the way, there is an impending release of Netlinx Studio tentatively known as 2.3 which is (according to AMX) now to be available in February. This release of Studio is to be the first that will support the new Duet environment providing Java capabilities alongside Netlinx. There will also be firmware updates to the various Netlinx Master controllers at the same time (for those Masters that have 32 Mbytes of memory or more) to introduce the Duet JVM to the runtime environment. All we know at this point is the release was moved from December of last year and the web site now says February.

    I am not aware of an impending release of TPDesign4 although that does not mean there will not be one. Typically AMX releases the products when new capabilities have been introduced. The most recent version of TPD4 included TakeNote, motion JPEG, and other features that were promised at CEDIA. On the web site, next generation touchpanel support is scheduled for availability in April and in reading the description, it will likely involve a new release of TPD4 in addition to new firmware for affected panels. It might be the case that there is not a new release of TPD4 until that time unless Duet requires an earlier release. I do not know the answer - just thought I would pass along the information. Someone else might be able to speculate better on TPD4. I understand AMX Tech Support told you a new release was imminent but I was wondering if you heard that from other sources as well?

    Lastly, like Dave and others that have responded to your initial posting, I have been using the latest versions of Studio and TPD4 on multiple systems under extremely heavy load for many months now and have had no problems with them at all. I am currently using Studio 2.2 Build 84 and TPDesign 2.3.1 Build 353 but prior versions were equally stable. Naturally, there are a couple of things to avoid in each application due to bugs but in general I have found the applications to be extremely stable. Most of the people on the forum are dealers and installers that would not be able to get their jobs done if these applications were not solid and AMX would certainly get an earful if that were the case. That said, I can't explain the problems in your environment but hopefully some of the information above on potential future releases is useful. If you were not in Michigan, I would volunteer to come over and take a look :).
  • jjamesjjames Posts: 2,906
    Thanks for the reply Dave. I am a newbie to the AMX world, so I guess I have to learn to avoid these bugs. I'm not sure what exaxctly I'm doing wrong, but these programs keep crashing on me. OH well . . . i guess I have bad luck with software in general.

    Thanks for everyone's reply.
  • Spire_JeffSpire_Jeff Posts: 1,917
    Re: TPD4 & Studio Future Releases
    Originally posted by Reese Jacobs
    If you were not in Michigan, I would volunteer to come over and take a look :).

    Hey! What's wrong with Michigan? I take offense to that statement! Just because our roads suck, the weather sucks, the ..... on second thought.... are you having any computer problems in North Carolina you need me to look at? ;)

  • TPD4


    Hey, I have nothing against Michigan. I have not even had the pleasure of visiting the state. I just meant it was a little too far to drive to get there from here :). And we are always having computer problems here in NC so come on down.

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