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Creating Templates

Does anyone have any information on creating custom templates like the ones AMX offers. If anyone has any resources on this it would be greatly appreciated.


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    From what I have been told, this is possible, but quite painful. Your best bet is to do a save-as on an existing template and then modify EACH page and pop-up. Unfortunatly, you have to have all of the pages and can not simply make a template with the pages you and your company would use. A walk-through or how-to guide was on the "to-do" list for the development team at one time, but I can not speak to whether it is still on the list. Again, you must have ALL of the template pages in the existing design or VA will crap on you when you try to import it. For a while, one of the templates did not work in 1.3 -- I think this has been resolved, but the issue shows just how tough it is to get templates working in VA.

    If you have seen the job postings for AMX, they are/or have been searching for a UI developer. There is a great push to have AMX generate templates for both this and the touch panel line in general. I am pretty sure the C* team has a library of templates for their dealers and AMX is trying to step up.

    There is one developer inside AMX working on VA templates. Somewhere along the way, if you look at one or more of the template properties, you can find his name. I wrote an email at one time asking about this subject, and that is where I found out that it was possible, but painful.

    You would think that the folks at sites like guifx would take up the charge on this issue, but so far, this has not happened.
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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    Just because it's so painful, I won't use any of the panel generators for actual production. It's just not worth the time. It's easier to take a design I already have tweaked, and adjust it to fit the job.
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    id4cid4c Posts: 4
    Thank you for your replies, I appreciate the information. I'll keep you updated if I do find an easier resource to this issue.
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