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Module Version Numbers

Has AMX stopped updating the version numbers on its duet modules for compatibility or something? I just downloaded a new version of the Ademco VISTA128/250BP module and the zip file has a new version number, but the comm module is still using the 1_0_0. The only reason I am slightly concerned is that in the past, NS4 has decided to help me and "find" the "correct" files for me one compile and caused me some grief. Having different file names helps me avoid this.



  • The version number in the .jar name is for the module itself, i.e. "PolycomVSX8000_Comm_dr1_0_0.jar". The .zip name includes 2 versions, i.e. "Polycom_VSX8000_v1_1_2_dr1_0_0.zip", where the 1st number "v1_1_2" is the version of the zip and the second number "dr1_0_0" is the module version.
    In this case here, the zip has changed (documentation, Touchpanel file, or whatever), but the module itself is still 1.0.0
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