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Speakercraft RSA

Hi guys,

Has anyone had any luck with the AMX module for Speakercraft MZC-66 with Speakercraft RSA interface? Is there any setting or things to note when working with this RSA interface?

Its wierd that with the MZC control interface, I am able to make use of the control port on the MZC to control it but it is really too talkative for any form of decent control to go thru via our master. However with this emulator, I have never been able to control the MZC with the RSA (btw I have 2 units with me and neither of them works).

Any advise would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



  • Spire_JeffSpire_Jeff Formerly Caffeinated Programmer Posts: 1,917
    Here is a description I found for the RSA:

    Converts the Expansion port on a MZC controller to a one-way 232 out for controlling source third party source equipment.Converts IR to RS232. Interface between the MODE JUKEBOX and the MZC for data transfer. (Needed when a MODE JUKEBOX is used with an MZC and data is needed to be displayed on a MODE 3.1 keypad).

    # Creates a Serial Interface between an MZC66/88 and other devices requiring RS232 control and/or communication.
    # An Interface between MODE Dj and other external sources when used with MODE Systems
    # Loop multiple adapters for an RS232 router configuration

    # Used for one-way RS232 communication from MZC66/88 to source equipment

    It seems to me that the RSA only allows communication out from the Speakercraft unit.

  • Speakercraft RSA


    I had read the excerpt that you have quoted and understand that is one of the functionality of the RSA.

    Apparently there is a AMX module downable from AMX website which the interface document states that it utilises the RSA as the interface for communication with NI master. However no much was being said about whether there is any setting up for the RSA.

  • Speakercraft RSA

    Hi guys,

    I manage to find the problem and that is there is different firmware which needs to be loaded for the RSA before it can function as the interface between the MZC and 3rd party controllers. Therefore with the appropriate firmware loaded, it can be used for the AMX controller to control it, however the module downloaded from AMX website doesnt seem to control the MZC properly, not obtaining the correct feedback and though it can control the it.

    Probably someone who had control it with the module before would like to offer some help.

    Thank you!

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