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Sharp Projector Module Help!

I'm working on deploying 30+ sharp projectors in classrooms here at WIU, using XG-335XU and XG435XU, and I have them working (mostly) and talking to my RMS server. I'm having a few issues that I'll describe below:

1. The lamp hours is reporting back the percentage of lamp life left (currently 99%). Earlier projectors using the same module reported the actual lamp hours. How can I get hours on the newer projectors?

2. Aspect ratio cycling/switching seems buggy. I know some ratio options are not available to certain signals, but I have an Elmo doc camera that will not switch to any different ratios, regardless of the command sent to the module. The demo stuff seems to work OK, but I an not experienced enough to know what is happening with the demo code.

3. If I want to send a string directly to the projector, is it better to use the passthrough command, or send a string right to the device, bypassing the module altogether? What are the pros and cons to doing this?


Doug Menke
Soon to be ACE once I pass my exam


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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    Don't bypass the module if you have any choice about it. They generally have a queue of some kind internally that handles pacing and sequences, and if you send directly to the device you could mess something up. Your action could also generate a response that the module will interpret wrongly because it was expecting something else. If the module has a passthrough, use it; of course, if it doesn't, you have to just take your chances.
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