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Vary basic color rendering problem

Working in TPD v2.9.0 creating TPI/4 interface. TPI/4 running firmware v2.63.4

All looks fine in the program, but the colors don't render when I download to the panel. I'm just using a few spots of basic "Color Name" colors to identify Microphone inputs. All that shows up on the panel is grey or white in place of the colors. "Full clean transfer" fails to help. Otherwise, my color scheme is extremely basic - roughly 5 other Color Name colors in the whole panel. Currently have 2 pages and about 60 popups in the popups root or various sub-folders.

Is my file probably just corrupt? Might calling AMX to get a firmware update help? (they don't post anything past my version on the site)

Thanks for any tips or tricks,


  • fogled@mizzou[email protected] h4x354x0r Posts: 549
    The elements themselves had gotten corrupted. In a frenzy of copy/paste, I was gang-changing address/port/level numbers, and they got "stuck" in the object definition even after I set the values to 0. Recopying from a working bargraph and changing just the values needed fixed the problem.
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