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Optima audio not switching

I'm working on an install that has four systems, all using Optima switches. The contractor ordered the units with the 8x8 DVI board installed, thinking that an audio board was already installed.

After they reached the site, the error was noticed and 4 8x8 stereo audio boards were ordered. The installer apparently didn't like reading instructions, so the first two units had the board installed into slot 4 instead of slot 3. (The CD had the updated configuration files for slot 2 for the DVI board and slot 3 for the audio). I built my own configuration files for these units using slot 4. Both my audio follows video VM and the Video only, the video switches just fine. The AFV and audio-only VMs don't switch the audio at all.

On the third unit, they installed the board in slot 3. I loaded the configuration from the CD and celebrated thinking that everything would be fine. Same problem. No audio. The installer has traced audio and we are sure that the signal is getting to the input port on the switch. It just won't switch.

Has anyone seen this before? Is there a switch or jumper that they forgot to set?

I've even tried the APControl program for switching and get the same results. The XNConnect2.6 program shows everything as being happy and it gives no warnings or errors on the configuration upload.

If I send the 'CL0I1O1T' string, I only get video switched on the Optima. The same command works just fine on the Precis SVIDEO switch.


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    KouyaKouya Posts: 60
    I had the same problem a few months ago with a Modula frame. End up sending back to AMX. They said it had a low bios battery and bad configuration files. I found lose screws in the frame and other things that have me leaning towards QC on the mfr side.

    Seems your doing the same troubleshooting I did the frame says it switched but audio is not following video.


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