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Neodigm 84" Plasma

Has anyone successfully controlled one of these 84" plasma from Neodigm? I believe they are also sold under Akira and/or Orion names. This is the display that combines 4 42" plasmas into a video wall configuration. I have a site that has one of these that keeps locking up. The manuf. claims that their plasma is fine and that the problem must be in the Netlinx. But the codes are being sent correctly and Netlinx has not been having any problems, just the display. We have to do a power reset in order to get the Plasma to work again.

Just curious if anyone else has come across this plasma and what magic you may have had to use to get them to communicate successfully.

Thanks in advance.

Sheldon Samuels
IPS Resources LLC


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    See my Call's :-)

    Hello ipssheldon

    Hope this helps.....
    Regards: Lukas

    DEFINE_CALL 'Orion_Plasma_1_PowerON' {SEND_STRING dvOrion_Plasma,"$4B,$20,$77,$0D"}
    DEFINE_CALL 'Orion_Plasma_1_PowerOFF' {SEND_STRING dvOrion_Plasma,"$4B,$20,$66,$0D"}
    DEFINE_CALL 'Orion_Plasma_1_AUTO' {SEND_STRING dvOrion_Plasma,"$4B,$20,$6B,$0D"}
    DEFINE_CALL 'Orion_Plasma_1_Input_A' {SEND_STRING dvOrion_Plasma,"$4B,$20,$41,$0D"}
    DEFINE_CALL 'Orion_Plasma_1_Input_B' {SEND_STRING dvOrion_Plasma,"$4B,$20,$42,$0D"}
    DEFINE_CALL 'Orion_Plasma_1_Input_C' {SEND_STRING dvOrion_Plasma,"$4B,$20,$43,$0D"}
    DEFINE_CALL 'Orion_Plasma_1_Input_D' {SEND_STRING dvOrion_Plasma,"$4B,$20,$44,$0D"}

    DATA_EVENT [dvOrion_Plasma]
    SEND_COMMAND dvOrion_Plasma,'SET BAUD 115200,N,8,1 485 DISABLE' //DEVICE,BAUD,PARITY,DATA,STOP-BIT 485 DISABLE=> Configure for RS232
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