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"LifeSize Room" Duet module

Just found out that a LifeSize Room video conference system has been added to an installation that we did a while back. I looked on the AMX site and found a Duet module. Has anybody used this module? What sort of results? My experience with Duet modules has not been good and I'm not looking forward to having to decipher the SNAPI just in order to convince a module to change volume with any reliability, but I'm not looking forward to spending a bunch of time writing code to implement a device which I'll probably never see more than once. Can't win, I suppose.


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    JeffJeff Posts: 374
    Don't waste your time, its possibly the worst Duet module I've ever used.

    I loaded the exact module (tp and all) to the system and there were major errors in communication between the Duet module and the mainline code, before it ever got to trying to talk to the unit itself. Watching notifications resulted in seeing code go to virtual devices, and the answers back from the module would be "UNAVAILABLE" or "ERROR" or other such. the built in queries in their own module don't work.

    I'm attaching the protocol for it, its honestly not that hard to use. I spent 2 hours on the phone with AMX tech support who eventually forwarded my problem on to the department that wrote the module and said there wasn't anything else they could help with. I wrote my own module that worked from scratch in under an hour.

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    HedbergHedberg Posts: 671
    Thanks, Jeff.
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    life size

    I did used life duet module in my recent installation. It works okay......but there is one big problem that i encounter is the phonebook just dun work....
    will try it again next week if i can improve it.
    I had all the rest of the function work. Yet some bugs i beliv in the duet module. It stop response if we happen to hv a quick control thru the touch panel.
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    On of our customers also had the problem with the "LifeSize Room" module that the phonebook function did not work. The request to the device is sent, the phonebook data gets reported back (according to NetLinx diagnostics) but is not processed and displayed on the panels.

    AMX is currently working on updating the module for the LifeSize Room due to updates in the device protocol. New updated module with fixes should be available soon.
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    KennyKenny Posts: 209
    Any updates on the Lifesize module?
    I have a project coming up and would really like to have something that works.

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    An updated module is being tested now and should be available shortly. Maybe you can contact AMX Tech Support for more details...
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