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Netlinx controller fails on SureCom switcher

this is a summary from the thread Netlinx Locks Up.

i've found the following ...

on a system (3000) the users report that their CV7 panel has gone offline. (has been happening about once a week).

on inspection, i find that the AXlink network still works.

i replace the switcher (a Surecom 16) and everything works. no rebooting of netlinx controller required. The replacement switcher is a Netgear 8 port.

the NI-3000s and NXI-2000 have problems with SureCom switchers. a 2000 i tried earlier died within a few minutes.

who is to blame, i don't know, but i can't go blaming a generic switcher that works with other network devices to quickly.

the solution - don't use the two together (Surecom and AMX).


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    Netlinx Controller & SureCom Switch


    I have had combinations of touchpanels and controllers not work with certain switches although the touchpanels always seem to be more affected than controllers. Generally, AMX Tech Support recommends in these case that you set the affected controller or touchpanel to '10 Half' mode - in other words 10 Mbyte and Half-duplex mode. You can telnet into the Master and issue the 'set ethernet mode 10 half' command to set the Master or use Setup on the touchpanel to do the same for the touchpanel. This often corrects the problem. By default, the ethernet mode on controllers and touchpanels is auto.

    I have never gottten a good explanation as to why the problem occurs in 100/Full mode but this is at least something for you to try to see if it helps.
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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    I had a similar problem with a common network switch (and the brand name fails me now...I am pretty sure it was D-Link, but not positive) with Modero panels. I found that it's auto-rate sensing foobared the Modero connection when the wire run was too short. Adding a 30' Ethernet extension fixed it, but I was not happy with that as a solution. I went back and forth with AMX Tech Support a lot on this, and they verified it was a problem with Modero panels and certain switches, and for my trouble, they sent me gratis a Netgear switch that they verified worked properly with no cludgy wire extensions. Since then, that is all I will spec on a NetLinx/Modero job.

    These are standard Ethernet switches, and any compliant Ethernet device should work without further fuss, so I lay the fault on AMX (or, to be fair, their NIC supplier). However, I am happy with the level of support they showed in helping me resolve the issue, so I am content with sticking to the known switch type. Hopefully, future hardware releases will fix this and it won't matter.
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    Spire_Jeff mentioned this in a seperate thread....

    Just a little insight on this. I have access to high network tester that tests both the network wires and the network cards on a network. I have used this tester on a number of business networks. Nine times out of ten, the problems are caused by a few networks cards that don't play well with the other network devices. You would be amazed at how far out of spec some manufacturers run when paired with other manufacturers. Now, this doesn't normally cause anything more than drastic reductions in network throughput, but some programs do experience erratic behavior even if the computer itself seems to function properly. I'm not saying that AMX is not to blame, I'm not saying the network switch manufacturer is to blame, I just wanted to point out that network problems do exist between manufacturers in other aspects of the networking world, they just don't get noticed as often as they should.

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    a note on the network where this happened...

    besides AMX and Netgear equipment, there is one pc, a cable modem, and a router(wap) on the network.

    it is possible anyone of these could have interfered with the network, that's true. (except the Netgear of course).

    PCs dont stay on a long as a netlinx system, that could be a reason it's not noticed as much.

    i do have to say though, with many network installations under my belt before moving to the AMX product, i've rarely if ever seen a problem like this. no experience comes to mind in fact of this type of problem. and i've seen some very badly abused networks in my time, they have always been fairly robust.

    anyway, still have to see how the netgear goes. give it a week or two.

    and i'll double check the auto network detection speed etc. of the AMX equipment. although why i should have to with 'reliable and intelligent networking' (quote from AMX sales brochure) i am not sure.
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