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Device notification for IP devices?

is it me or does netlinx not support device notifications for IP communications?.
I defined an ip client (0:3:0) for a videoconference unit, wrote some code to control it, mainly send_string stuff.
The code works fine but in DeviceNotifications, when i enter 0:3:1 as the device, check StringsTo and StringsFrom Device, nothing shows up.

Maybe this is the result of IP's own packet structure/communication protocol?.


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    Device Notification for IP Devices

    I have had the same problem for quite some time with IP based devices. I am not able to receive notifications from TCP (network) defined devices.

    I have had similar problems with trying to view channel status on virtual devices. There seem to be certain devices that Studio/Netlinx don't seem to handle well with respect to device notifications.

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    We found the same things some time ago, and AMX told us that a TCP/IP device is internally not handled the same way and level a "real" NetLinx device is. There are some issues and limitations working with device notification functions on a network connection.
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