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RMS version for custom modules?

Gday all,

I've got a moderate number of modules which grow/change over time, and I'm finding it difficult to keep track of what is installed on my various masters. (50+, soon to become 150+, then 400+, then...). I have limited access to our classrooms, so some rooms tend to get "left behind" in the changes to my code as a result. To preserve my sanity, all my modules have a version number which can be obtained by:
send_command vdvMyModule, 'VERSION?'
This is okay for a "what version does this room have" approach, but doesn't scale well for planning & maintenance.

I'm using RMS to monitor equipment in the rooms, and I see that my modules have a "version" in the NetLinx Device Information section. This version looks like a copy of the NetLinx firmware. What I'm wondering is: Is there a command that will allow me to override this version number so that it represents the version of my module?

Obviously I could create an additional parameter for every device to monitor, and register the module version as a parameter for the device. I just want to check if the previous idea is possible before heading down this path.

Roger McLean
Swinburne University


  • Hi Roger,

    I looked into the "version" field you mentioned and unfortunately there is not a command to override the value that gets set here. When a device is regsitered the DPS that is passed in on the registration call gets passed thru a DEVICE_INFO call and the resulting DevInfo.VERSION is what is used to populate this "version" field.

    For now, adding a PARAM to record your module version would probably be the best way to capture this information.

    We will look at a better way in future versions to enable the user/programmer to have more flexibility and control over the information propogated to the RMS server.

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