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Onkyo T4555 - locking up?

TrikinCurtTrikinCurt Junior MemberPosts: 158
Anyone use the Onkyo T4555 HD Tuner? For some reason it is locking up every couple days. We got another unit with the same result. It seems to only have problems when hooked up to the AMX system. It is our module (didn't see one from AMX), but it is VERY basic. The device pushes info so we aren't polling or doing much of anything other than receiving song feedback and sending it to a touchpanel.

Anyway, anyone else use one without issue?



  • iainshawiainshaw Junior Member Posts: 133
    We use them but not without issues

    We use the T4555 because it's a reasonably priced DAB tuner with RS232 control and some feedback.

    I'm not aware of any locking up on us when under AMX control but there are other issues. We've had some DOAs but the biggest gripe I've got with them is that we've had one that lost its presets when it was powered down. That's not been the case on all of them btw.
  • xrmichaelxrmichael Junior Member Posts: 79

    I have fitted a few no problems with ours, just the odd DOA as mentioned.
  • KrobarKrobar Junior Member Posts: 32
    I've used this one and the TX-NR5000E with C-DAB (Similar but without proper DAB RS232 support) and no problems. I have seen corruption of input names on Onkyo receivers when you flood the rs232 port but no lockups.
  • vitovito Junior Member Posts: 2
    t4555 protocol

    Could someone direct me to, or send me the protocol for this unit? I'm having no luck with Onkyo. Much appreciated.
  • robswidrobswid Junior Member Posts: 14
    This unit locks up constantly due to data in the HD stream. We power cycle the unit when not in use to prevent HD related lockups with a IP controlled power strip. Tie 12VDC to the trigger input to provide power on since there is no discrete power for this unit. Alot of work to save a couple dollars. Denon HD tuners lock up just as well. I think all HD tuners I have worked with in the past have locked up at some point. Some more than others like this T455B.
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