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Nuvo an AMX Partner?

Anybody know why Nuvo is listed as an AMX partner? I can't seem to find modules for any of thier equipment.

Made a call to Nuvo and they don't have any modules nor had any idea of what Device Discovery is.


  • sonnysonny Junior Member Posts: 208
    I have Duet Driver for the Grand Concerto about 90% complete. I'll post it when I'm finished.
  • mpullinmpullin Obvious Troll Account, Marked for Deletion Posts: 949
    ...silent partner...
  • mdnitehkmdnitehk Junior Member Posts: 12
    Hi Sonny,

    Did you get a chance to finish your module? I've written the basics in NetLinx, but if there's a finished module floating around, I wouldn't mind giving it a test run!

    Thank you,
  • SarutSarut Junior Member Posts: 4
    I have something for the GrandConcerto. It's not a module, just some code.
    I hope it will help you.
    I can't upload it here, too big.
    Write me your mail, i'll send it to you.
  • iainshawiainshaw Junior Member Posts: 133
    NuVo's UK distributors wrote out about an AMX module yesterday

    Habitech in the UK sent out an email with links to CTron, Philips and AMX modules. If you PM or mail me I'll dig out the links
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