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Visual Architect Software Install

I am installing the visual architect software but it needs a serial number to reterieve license, does any one know where can I obtain the serial number.


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    You get one when you purchase the software. If you purchased it, a call to AMX should get you the number.

    Kevin D.
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    VA Installation Software and Licensing

    VisualArchitect is distributed initially through CD. Each CD has a license printed on the case and may be used on only one PC. A license may be reset quickly by calling AMX Customer Service at
    800.222.0193 option 2
    +1.469.624.8000 option 2
    E-mail: service@amx.com
    Dealers may order new discs (FG3002-21) at no cost.
    Updates to exsiting installations my be done from VisualArchitect toolbar - Help/WebUpdate
    A new release of VA 1.4 will be going out next week.
    Doug Hall
    AMX Product Manager - Software
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    Thanks, I might email to get one,,
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