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Controller cannot connect to RMS Server!


We have 1 NI-700 and 21 welcome only touch panels. I instanced RMSEngine 21 times, added data handlers etc.

When I log in to the RMS Server web interface, I can see all my 21 instance. I add the panel to a room, add the scheduling license and the trouch panel still say "RMS Server Offline" when I hit anything. Am I missing something?

I can paste my code here if needed.

Thank you!! :O)


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    Multi Instances RMS Engine

    You will need to start by splitting the system into two masters, there is no way you are going to get 21 instances to work on one. Twelve is the max for room scheduling and that will support only one panel per room with no there devices. Once you split them up, you will need to verify that the rooms are showing up in RMS HotList.
    I hope this helps.
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    adimexadimex Posts: 21
    Thank you for the reply!

    I thought I was pushing that little guy a little too much :O).

    I can see all 21 instances in the hot list... I will pull a second controller from our stock and split the system in half. I'll let you know what happens!

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    adimexadimex Posts: 21
    Still going on

    Ok so, the project was on hold for a couple of month then they shipped it down to Texas without letting me to play with it some more. I'll travel down there next week to finish the post-install.

    Anyways, I was unable to successfully schedule an appointment with the 21 panels, 2 controllers system. For now, I am working with an NI-700 and a touch panel to demo a scheduling-only system.

    Here's what I came up with for code
    	dvRMSSocket = 	0:3:0
    	vdvRMSEngine = 	33001:1:0
    	vdvCLAction = 	33002:1:0
    	dvTPWelcome = 	10001:1:0
    	volatile char RMS_MEETING_DEFAULT_SUBJECT[] = 'Hello'
    	volatile char RMS_MEETING_DEFAULT_MESSAGE[] = 'World!'
    	volatile dev WelcomePanel[] = { dvTPWelcome }
    	volatile dev WelcomePanelBase[] = { dvTPWelcome }
    define_module 'i!-ConnectLinxEngineMod' mdlCL(vdvCLAction)
    define_module 'RMSEngineMod' RMSEngine(vdvRMSEngine, dvRMSSocket, vdvCLAction)
    define_module 'RMSWelcomeOnlyUIMod' RMSWelcome(vdvRMSEngine, WelcomePanel, WelcomePanelBase, RMS_MEETING_DEFAULT_SUBJECT, RMS_MEETING_DEFAULT_MESSAGE)
    	data_event [vdvRMSEngine] {
    			send_command vdvRMSEngine,'SERVER-'

    It connects fine, I do see the room appear on the RMS Dashboard. I add it to a group but everytime I try to schedule something on the touch panel, I get the "Attention - The RMS Server is Offline..."

    I turned debug on and I get this message:
    (0001046417) RMS: RMSProcessMessage version mismatch: received "1.6" but am "1.8

    Can this be the source of my problem? I am unable to upgrade the RMS test server myself, it is physically in Denver plus AV and IT depts don't get along :(.

    Any ideas? Thanks!
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    I would love to help you with this problem but the RMS forum is not the best place to troubleshoot this. Please contact AMX Tech Support and speak with Cullen King, Commercial Support Manager, I have alerted him of your problem and he will assign you to an RMS expert.
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    adimexadimex Posts: 21
    Thank you for the contact info. This will be very helpful next week when I'll be on site in Houston.

    I installed the latest RMS Server kit on a Parallels VM and I was able to connect so, version does matter.
    I will get in touch with AMX and will post solutions here for everyone to see.

    Thanks for your help.
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    RMS SDK versions are backwards compatible with a RMS server ... meaning that a RMS server will support the current and previous versions of the RMS SDK. This allows you to upgrade a RMS server on-site without having to update all pre-existing NetLinx clients.

    However, if you are using a newer version of the SDK that was released with a newer version of the RMS server than the actual version of the RMS server that your master is attempting to connect to, then that could pose a problem in some cases.

    Thanks, Robert
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