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VA 1.4 Available Now

VisualArchitect v1.4 (Available on CD or WebUpdate)

New Features:

Hot Swap with Drag & Drop replaces like devices and maintains critical code and functionality
Customize Touch Panel Functionality with the ability to add new buttons and assign programming functions like custom device control options and macros to combine sets of functions

Customize Touch Panel Files with the ability to change fonts, font styles, sizes, colors and justification
Multi-Zone Programming Capabilities allowing grouping of audio, HVAC, lighting and video devices to provide the highest level of automation to the customer

Includes New Line of Certified SDL package solutions that are field-tested and can be selected directly from the new project menu in v1.4 and can be added to previous versions via WebUpdate. (Each are based on key room functionality including three increasingly robust system levels in three different practical room applications: auditoriums, boardrooms, and class rooms or training rooms)


  • first obs

    Hi Doug,

    Well i make a sussefull install to VA 1.4 BUT i dont see the codebuilder option and not detect the VOL4 Device. I hope in 1.4 AMX developer full add this device.

    Can i fix it?

  • VOL4 and CodeBuilder

    Both VOL4 and CodeBuilder are part of this release. You will find the VOL4 under the Expansion devices tab and CodeBuilder is launched by right clicking a device or UI button.
  • Private message

    Hi Doug,

    I was send a private message, i wait for your answer.

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