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Automatic Codec Switching with RMS and Exchange

Hi All,

I'm working on a project where the client has 35 meeting rooms that are scheduled in RMS via Microsoft Exchange. Four of these rooms share a video conferencing codec whose feeds are connected from a central AV router. The client would like to have the codec switched automatically to their room when the booking becomes due and switch the codec to blank router inputs when the booking finishes.
My plan was to have the codec as a separate bookable resource so that it can't be double booked. The client would need to book their meeting room and then book the codec. When they book the codec they would need to select a control event for the codec to do the automatic switching to their room. This all seems feasable for the web based RMS but I'm not sure how I can do the control event stuff with the bookings being done from Microsoft Exchange.
Any suggestions on how I could automate the codec switching nicely would be much appreciated.

Best Regards

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