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MET-ECOM without sound

System has 3 pieces of MVP8400i and 18 MET-ECOM around the building. Controller is NI4100.

Problem that I have is with sound, or better to say problems.

First of all, I am using module that I have download from AMX website. I have made couple module, to make tree groups of panels and intercoms, because I don't need to see all intercoms on one panel.

Problems are :

- I don't have sound from panel to intercom !
- I can't increase sound for intercom MIC, I can drag it to 20-30-40 .... but after I release button it goes back to 0 (always), so I am not sure do I have that sound.
- I have kind of overlapping sound from panel and intercom, so I an losing some audio communication

Do I need to use ULAW or ALAW codec (setting in intercom audio page) ?
Do I need to change something in module ?


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    davidvdavidv Posts: 90
    Check the setup of the met ecom unit. Make sure it is not set to MUTE. If it is you need to un check that option then actually reboot the MET ECOM in order for it to take action.
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