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Problem with MAX

Hi everyone!

When i try to upload some music files with WinMax to MAX-HT04, after i press "Upload" button, two message boxes appears: "Initial Server Error" and "Cannot Upload Files. Samba Error".

Any ideas?


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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    Make sure your HT04 and WinMax are both running the most recent version. There have been a number of changes in both in the last year.

    Last I tried, even though the documentation says it's possible, you could not upload audio in a file format (MP3, WAV, etc.). When I called AMX, they said they were aware of it, but I never got word of when it would be fixed. You could only load music from the original media. That was some time ago, and I haven't revisited it since, it might be a red herring ... just thought I'd bring it up in case it had some bearing on the issue at hand.
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    krukru Posts: 20
    thanks Dave, i will try last versions
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