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Install Failure under 64 bit Vista

The install goes well until it attempts to install SQL Server 2005 Express and fails because it is attempting to install a 32 bit version. Is there an update to this ? I am running 64 bit Vista.


  • Is there a workaround for this problem ? Hello ?
  • 64 Bit Vista and VA

    AMX has not tested and does not support 64 Bit Vista. VisualArchitect works with Vista 32 bit but is not officially supported due to constraints in some of the other dev tools, NetLinx Studio, IREdit, and TPD4.
    An unofficial suggestion:
    VA installs SQL Server 2005 Express and it claims to suppport x64 systems, but that info probably predated Vista. Download and install the 64-bit version of SQL Server 2008 Express prior to installing VA, and then see if the VA installer recognizes that SQL Server is already installed and skips that part. This process has not been validated in house.
  • Thank you. That sounds like a viable solution. I was just installing VMware Server with Windows XP 32 bit, but I will try your suggestion and give you feedback.

    Thanks, again.
  • It did not work :( I guess I will have to go the VMware Server route.
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