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Panel Preview and 5200i

I have the latest TPDesign4 software (2.10.0 build 606) and G4 Panel Preview (1.2.1 build 51) loaded and when I try to preview a MVP-5200i within TPDesign4 I get the following error message:

"Panel Preview is not supported for the MVP-5200i device type."

If I open the G4 Panel Preview and then open the MVP-5200i TP4 file, it works, but I need to keep closing the TPDesign4 and run the G4 Panel Preview standalone. With other panel types the G4 Panel Preview within TPDesign4 works fine. Since I will be doing more and more MVP-5200i designs for now on, the G4 Panel Preview within TPDesign4 is a must since it saves a lot of time. Any ideas how to fix this or this problem is another bug for TP4?




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    i have the same problem
    seems to be a bug
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    flcusatflcusat Posts: 309
    Yes it is a bug. Same thing happening here.
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    a_riot42a_riot42 Posts: 1,624
    I think you can close TPD to open preview, but once preview is open you can open TPD again no problem. I don't have it in front of me now, but try that and report back.
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