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Miscalibrated Modero - Now What?

I screwed up on the calibration screen, now NO touches register. I tried power cycling the screen, but no luck. Any suggestions?


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    You've got a few:

    1: Hold down the 2 bottom buttons on each side of the Touch Panel to get to the setup screen.. BUT don't let go when the setup screen appears. Keep on holding and about 10 seconds later the calibation screen will appear.


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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    Method 1 has saved my bacon many times. For some reason, it is very easy for the first crosshair to get missed (I've many times not had it show up at all), and when you hit the second one, it treats the one point as if it were two, and foobars the whole thing. The firmware should force a failure on calibration and ignore it if it gets the two coords withing a certain range of each other. I've also, very rarely, had power glitches cause a panel to entirely lose it's calibration so that touches don't do a thing. It's now the first thing I check when I get a call saying a panel has become unresponsive.
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    Miscalibrated Modero - Now What?

    I think there is a 3rd method for forcing a panel into calibration mode since I have actually had a panel in such bad shape that the external buttons could not be used for calibration (different problem altogether). I believe if you remove the batteries from the touchpanel and remove power, then press and hold in the middle of the screen, re-apply batteries and/or power, that the calibration screen will appear. Someone check me on this one but I believe Tech Support passed this one along to me some time back.

    Also, just a note on Richie's method #2, it depends on having the touchpanel at least configured to the point where it can connect to the Master so the SEND_COMMAND will work. If you have a panel that is not configured properly (communication settings) or has never been configured, method #1 or #3 are your options of choice.

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    Spire_JeffSpire_Jeff Posts: 1,917
    I do know that if you touch the screen while booting (the AMX Screen) and continue holding it until it finishes booting, it will enter the setup screen. I'm not sure if it will go to the calibration screen tho. This also works with the inwall touchpanels and you don't have to being touching the screen when power is applied, you just have to make sure that you are touching the screen before the AMX Logo page disappears (Found that out being the only one in the office and having the most convenient method of powering off be in a different room)

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    I verified the 'Hold the Finger in the Middle on Powerup' option on an MVP8400 and it does enter calibration after it hits the setup screen for a few seconds. The bad thing is it registers the first crosshair when you let your finger up so I tried holding my finger in the top left corner where I thought the first crosshair would appear and hit it right on the spot after I rebooted it the second time.

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