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display devices?

Is it just me or are there not many display devices to choose from? Sharp Aquos is what I was looking for, but many other LCD's and plasmas are missing as well.


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    VA Displays

    Please look under both TV and monitor, the Sharp Aquis is listed under TV. I believe that they classify it based on the presence of a tuner.
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    I only have two models listed under TV>Sharp Electronics>

    1. LC32GD6U
    2. LC37HV4U

    they are both IR devices
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    Try updating to 1.4 using WebUpdate, it will install new IR files. You can also install any IR file from AMX that is marked VA compatible.
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    Also, mine are listed under Sharp and Sharp Electronics, the Aquos is under Sharp only.
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    I have Device Database v1.4.54
    I don't have a TV>Sharp folder
    I do have a Video Projector>Sharp folder though

    Oh well, no biggie. I'll figure something out.

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