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service due to server degradation

adysadys Posts: 395
MAX is giving a message box (in TP and in WinMax Both)

Your max server requires service due to system degradation.
Contact your amx dealer immediately.
Failure to contact dealer may cause a loss of content.

Any idea what is it?




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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    Probably one or more of the drives are off line. I have been going back and forth with AMX on this one for the last year ... drives inexplicably fall off the RAID array. I have a systems with three HT servers, and every one of them has a drive fall off the array every other month or so. I was told power interruptions cause this, but I have an enormous UPS on each one , with no indication of power issues. I have the server set to e-mail me now when it happens, just to avoid the irate phone calls and deal with the problem before the client is aware of it. But it irks me to no end that the dang thing requires so much babysitting. I do not like needing to regularly go back to a finished job for stupid things like that ... and the client is not one to accept it as something he should have to do either.

    Get into the maintenance console, and check the RAID status, it should tell you which drive has an issue. If it's not obvious from there, restart the server, and watch the SCSI card report as it boots up. Once you isolate the drive, just pop it out of the frame and pop it back in. Unless it has really gone bad (unlikely), it will come back on line and the array will rebuild itself.
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    adysadys Posts: 395
    Thanks Dave

    Raid status is ok, all HD are online

    Restart server solved the problem for now

    We are too after 2 Hard Disks replacement... after less than one year in residential use, and our server has UPS too...
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