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I/O ports to sense video tallys

dargsdargs Junior MemberPosts: 3

Working on a project which is kind of a Protocol translator, to switch audio and play videos when the video mixer is on the correct inputs.


Panasonic AV-HS400A Video Mixer Tally outputs (digital I/O) (using the 6 channels)
to switch
Grass Valley Turbo GPI inputs (via Relays) +
Yamaha LS9 scenes via Midi (RS232).

I've got the relay and midi side of things understood and working in another project, but never used the Digital I/O ports. Wondering if anyone has done similar things. Seems a lot of people use the I/O ports to drive relay outputs, but can't find much info in the Input side.


invokes a "INPUT 6 ACTIVE LOW" message in the terminal window. (And I'd assume once wired up, would give an INPUT 6 ACTIVE HIGH ? message when getting ~+5v going in.

How do I use this to set a variable/array ? Do I have to parse this response? And do I have the run the GET INPUT 1 command in a timeline as to not overflow the buffer. Would love to do a Button Event type program

* Using an spare AXCENT3 for now

Any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated!



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