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Audio Ease Monaco drive settings

DHawthorneDHawthorne Old TimerPosts: 4,584
I'm trying to salvage an old Phast Audio Ease Monaco system. The unit had a bad power supply, and I had a spare on hand, so I replaced that successfully. However, the system will no longer recognize the PCIMIA ATA drive; I get the dreaded "Operating system not found" message. If I pull the drive from the Monaco chassis and plug it into the ATA slot on a PC, it boots from that same drive just fine.

I find it hard to believe I lost the processor card ... this system was actually working, it just kept failing and needing a restart to get going. The BIOS screen reports no primary IDE drive, and that is where I hope the problem is. My test PC detects it automatically, so I am holding out some hope that the older BIOS in the Monaco processor just can't, and I need to enter the settings manually. I have no idea what settings would work though ... anyone able to dust the cobwebs off their memory on one of these antiques and come up with those BIOS settings for me to try? Or remember if it is supposed to auto-detect, and my processor went out with the flaky power?

AMX abandoned this product years ago, so if it's dead, it's dead. But it's a long-standing, good customer, and I want to do them a favor and get it running again if at all possible.
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