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MVP-8400 Status Variables

Greetings....looks like this might be the inaugural post on this forum (can I get a shirt:) )

Anyway...does anyone know of a devchan (or other way) to monitor on the 8400 to get status information like whether the unit is plugged into AC or not, event notification of the unit "waking up", wireless signal strength? Battery level and docked status is all I can find.



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    Hi, may be that can help you.

    It is possible to place a copy of the Signal Strength or Link Quality buttons on any page you would like.

    In TPD4, with the panel file open:
    1. In the File menu, choose Open "System Page Template"
    2. find the page "__protectedWirelessID"
    3. In the lower right corner of that page, select the Link Quality or Signal Strength button (or both)
    4. In the edit menu choose Copy (Ctrl<C>)
    5. Open the page, or popup page you want the buttons on, then select Edit > Paste (Ctrl<V>)
    6. Move or resize them to your preferred location.

    I tried to setup tow bargraphs one with the Strength and another with the quality, one over the other using the transparent property, always the strength is higher than the quality, so you get both information only in one bargraph.
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    TPD4 option

    In TPD4,
    go to the File menu.
    Select: "Project Properties."
    Go to the: "panel setup information" tab.

    There you will see Three strings that the panel will output to the master, based upon Start up, Wake up, and Sleep.

    You actualy choose what you want those strings to be.

    I tested them, and they do work.
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    Joe HebertJoe Hebert Posts: 2,159

    Along with the good advice given by Manolo and SSJAMX, here is one other option you may want to consider. You can trap for ONLINE and OFFLINE in the DATA_EVENT for your MVP if you want to monitor when your wireless device establishes and loses connectivity. These are different than wake and sleep.
          //MVP is alive. Write to a log file or do whatever.
          //MVP is flat line. Write to a log file or do whatever.
    Glad to see we have a forum! :cool:

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