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Windows 7 Anybody?

I installed the Windows 7 beta on my laptop. I really like it, better than Vista. It seems to run more quickly than the XP installation that it replaced.

All of the AMX software seemed to work except the USB LAN. With all of the R4s in my life, I'll have to go back to XP for now.

Anyone else tried 7?


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    truetrue Posts: 307
    I don't intend to. I plan to test using this software with WINE on Gentoo - I think the only thing I'll run into trouble with is the USB driver. I might have to write some WINE patches :)
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    travtrav Posts: 188

    If you've managed to get nlc.exe to work in wine I'd be most interested, as that is the only reason left to boot into XP. I manage to get the IDE to load, but it always bombs out when trying to run the compiler, I stopped there and didn't even bother to try and get TPD4 to run.

    On another note, I use the windows 7 beta on my media centre PC, 1.8 sempron with 1 gig of ram. Much more responsive than vista, even though using the same kernal. But I've recently upgraded the media centre to a quad core with 4 gig of ram, so I'm using vista on there with the TV Pack until windows 7 goes gold.

    Don't mention myth or any of the other alternatives, windows media centre is a 'worry free' 'fiddle free' media centre that I can just install, and not bother with having to tweak. And my wife can use it.
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    trobertstroberts Posts: 228
    Hey TurnipTruck,
    I am using a Windows 7 machine too without any issues...yet. Except for the USB driver to load R4s....did you get anywhere with this?
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    jjamesjjames Posts: 2,908
    I believe you need to install the drivers in XP compatibility mode.

    Check this post regarding USB LAN.
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    trobertstroberts Posts: 228
    That worked...thanks and thanks for the link
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