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MAtrix with module AMX


I install the AMX matrix module and on my TP I get only two buttons room menu and keypads locked/unlocked. Whwn I press Room menu, the menu page go down but there is no button on it.

Somebody can help me on that?


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    iainshawiainshaw Posts: 133
    Seen similar behaviour on the Tango

    We encountered this when we were testing the Tango for the first time

    A couple of things to check

    You have got the correct version of the module for the version of Matrix audio you have - I believe there are communication differences between models. The symptoms you describe sound like no communication between the device and the master.

    Pinouts on the 232 cable - if in doubt make a up a good new cable with only the pins you want connected.

    With that done we still had to reboot the Tango, the master and the panel
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    DenisDenis Posts: 163

    I noticed as I have omly one buton (of two) works, it's keypad lucked/ unlocked
    That mean in therory as the communication has done...
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    iainshawiainshaw Posts: 133
    I wouldn't assume you've got communication if you've got faulty communication
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