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Time-Manager Problem

Okay - what the heck happened???

The weird thing is - I have three things happening in the system based on the time. Sunrise & Sunset I have things turn off and on respectively. Then at 10:00 PM, I switch on some lights. Well - apparently since forcing the time change - none of this has occurred. Any ideas?

Apparently - the "new" rules are in the version I'm running, which I believe is the most current. (1.0.11)

Edit: I should also mention that I turned on the clock manager in the master. I'm only using the TimeManager module for the sunset / sunrise channel events.


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    DiogoDiogo Posts: 65
    Could you post the part of your code jjames?
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    bcirrisibcirrisi Posts: 148
    I have about 10 systems with time manager and scheduled things happening. We haven't had a call yet that the schedules weren't working.
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    viningvining Posts: 4,368
    jjames wrote:
    Well - apparently since forcing the time change - none of this has occurred. Any ideas?
    Maybe you also need to force the Sun to Rise or Set! :)
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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    Are you reporting this on the day you actually changed the time? It may catch up to itself on the following day. I've noticed that sunrise/sunset flags don't get set unless the master is running when the time actually hits the calculated event time, and time changes to the master don't trigger it at all until the time actually passes. There is also a "new day" flag that only occurs at midnight. So what I do when I have scheduler dependent stuff is set the time first to 11:59:55 the day previous, let the day change, then set it to 5 seconds before the calculated sunrise time. W\hen that triggers, I set the proper time, and this procedure insures all the proper flags are set.
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