Intercom and MetEcom question

JohnMichnrJohnMichnr Junior MemberPosts: 276
This is a question for anybody who has implemented the AMX intercom module and the Met-Ecom.

When you push the met button and all the panels start to ring, and you answer the doorbell with one of the panels, what happenes to the rest of the panels that are ringing?
Do they:
- stop ringing and their page goes away
- stop ringing and the page doesn't go away
- don't stop ringing the timelines complete and the page goes away?
- all of the above
- none of the above

I've gone through the UI module and it looks like the timelines just run out and the door bell page goes away, but the panels that don't answer the bell will keep rining.

I only have the Met and a 5200i in my shop - I don't have another intercom enabled panel to test with.


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