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AVP's offline permanently

Hi there.
I have MAX-HT12 & 10 AVP's. Program it and it's run correctly for a few months.
First off all, MAX was incorrectly shutted down and was offline about a week.

After start Max asked about check disks for start manually and I did it.

In Winmax 4 of 10 AVPs offline, and no up after restart Max. I think Max can't assign IP addresses to them.
In player settings I see IP address, and name AvpStandalone. It's default factory settings?
I've tried to remove and add again AVP Module with same output number, with no success. Also reboot AVP's have no results.
In Winmax this 4 players are offline.
Other 6 players up & running.
Please help to solve problem. Is there any methods to assign IP manually?


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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    I've been very unhappy in general with the AVPs. Even when "working fine" they seem to require frequent resets to maintain a connection. The old AVM's were junk (stuck power button anyone?), but at least they were reliable. I had the exact trouble you are having, and it turned out to be my switch. I replaced the switch and they all came back up. It wasn't a hardware incompatibility, because they used to work on the same switch, and I replaced it with another of the same make. Everything else connected to that switch was fine, even a couple AVMs ... only the AVP had problems. Something blew internally that only the AVP cared about ... and it wouldn't shock me at all if it were the AVP that blew it.
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    Thanks! Replacing switch solves problem. But this is very strange..
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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    Thanks! Replacing switch solves problem. But this is very strange..

    It is, and I have never gotten a satisfactory reason why it happens.
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