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Loading Modules via netlinx studio to VA project

I have zero experience with AMX until recently. I am currently enrolled in programming one June 09, but I need some direction on a current project. I have a project for an auditorium, and I now have everything working fine via the touch panel, except the Mixer. There is nothing in VA for this mixer. It is an EAW DX8, which is similar to the MAckie DX810. There is a module for the DX810, which i was thinking about trying to change the rs-232 commands in Netlinx Studio to match the dx8, and try to use this. My question is, If I were to take a netlinx module, and change the commands in it, or even if i didn't change any commands, what is the process of adding a netlinx module via netlinx studio from a workspace created via VA?

Thank You for any responses.
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