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Ah to be rich..

Just got a call from a customer. Something has been causing his theater to switch to something other than DVD about 5-10 minutes into a movie. He hasn't gotten around to telling me so that I could fix it, but I guess it did it one too many times tonight. He stomped on the viewpoint and 'assures' me he needs another one..

Anyone know how much a new screen for an old viewpoint is??

Kevin D.


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    If he really is rich sell him a 17"modero...
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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    As I recall, AMX won't sell just the screens (that, or my purchasing dept. has been feeding me a line the last few years). I've gotten in the habit of taking truly dead units and scavaging reuseable parts, like the screen and RF card (in case I might need a fast frequency change).

    In all seriousness, you can often find a good deal on older AMX stuff on Ebay. Companies go under, or relocate, and the building owner or new tenant has all this conference room and AV stuff they don't want or don't know what to do with, so they just auction it off. It's not something you want to sell to a customer as new - but for shop use, or spare parts it's fine.
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    shr00m-dewshr00m-dew Posts: 394
    Well I'm sitting here in the theater.. He did a number.. The overlay is shattered, a button is AWOL, the plastic case is broke internally, and it the power plug got bent back into and broke off two electrical components on the board.. Finally had a customer do what I feel like doing sometimes!

    He's surprisingly pretty cool about the whole thing. The theater is next to a 10,000 bottle wine cellar, so I'm sure the wine threw the remote...

    Kevin D.
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    frthomasfrthomas Posts: 176
    Found a guy on ebay selling viewpoint screens once, so it's good to check for spares.

    In this particular case however, it seems the wine did a lot more damage to the panel than the screen...

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